Saturday, February 24, 2024

Smitten- Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey everyone!
Happy post-Valentine's Day! Did you get any good presents? Cards? CHOCOLATES?!?! We don't go too big at my house, but my guy usually surprises me with good strawberries or my favorite candy bar, and I like to make the family a really fancy dinner and dessert, complete with sparkling juice. My daughter loves taking cards to school and coming home with bags full of candies. 
I always make sure to get some sweet photos, and Raspberry Road kits are perfect for scrapping them. 
This year is no exception; the Smitten Collection is filled with everything from cute gnomes & balloons, to pretty watercolors, florals, and paint-textured papers. 

These are just a few pieces in the collection. Look at everything HERE.

This was what I made with it:


And then for fun, I used one of the quickpages in the Smitten collection to do a quick 5 minute documentation of my kiddo's class valentines. I'll be honest, I'm glad I have her toothy grin on a page, but I had zero motivation to scrap all this lol. 

I hope you liked my pages, and take a second to check out Smitten. It's so fun! 
Until next time-  

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