Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rose Garden: Quickpages and Journal Card Freebie

Good morning everyone?

How are you all this fine fall day?

I am sitting here enjoying the warm golden glow of the sunshine on my back deck. It is by far my favorite part of my house, mostly because of the giant rosebushes that are grown here. And the best part? They seem to bloom SOOOOOO long into the year, longer than any other flowers I've had. Coming from the land of snow and ice (Buffalo NY) having roses well into November is such a shocker lol.

Anyway, I was looking at my roses and felt inspired to scrap some photos of them. They came out so nicely I felt I should make them into Quickpages!

See the original layouts here:

See? I kinda fell in love with this kit. I think I've made 6 or 7 layouts so far! That's the best thing about Susan's lovely kits, you get SO MUCH for your money!

Come and pick up these pages HERE! They are so inexpensive, and are really a great way to get your photos scrapped elegantly and quickly!

Even with all this scrappin' I had time to make a little freebie for you:

Download it HERE.

Hope you all like your giftie and have a wonderful weekend!

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Just lovely. Thanks