Sunday, May 15, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Last December I had my first wedding shoot. An uncle of my husband was getting married for the second time and he asked me to take the photos. It was a fun but also a bit scary task, because it was my first time. The kit Simple Pleasures by Raspberry Road Design has the perfect colors for the photos!
As you can see, this kit is great for making natural clusters! And I haven't even used all the delicious stuff in it like the chocolates and coffee.


JoyfullyOrange In Heaven said...

Beautiful Irene! Looking forward to when you show us the chocolates and coffee when you use them - and maybe share some?

Blessings! Deborah

LucindaJ said...

Looks like the portraits turned out well, good job! Thanks for the cluster. I'm sure I'll use it again and again.