Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Y Chromosome, Botanical Bliss and Green Thumb mix

I've been working on my Italy album again and mixed some kits from Raspberry Road Designs.
For the background I used 2 different papers from The Y Chromosome. I used the green paper as the base and the stones have been cut out (with the feather at 200 pixels) from another paper. The elements are from Botanical Bliss and Green Thumb.
My left page:
and my right page:
A little bit of information about the destroyed church on my photos. This region of Italy had a terrible earthquake in 1976. Almost all the important buildings were built up again like they were before the earthquake. But this church wall is just standing there. For me it feels like some kind of monument so we will never forget what tragedy happened there.


sailwemust said...

Gosh but you are talented. Lovely pages! Thanks for sharing.

Susan Darter said...

Your work is just marvelous...

Razzy G!

Breeoxd said...

so very beautiful! You're giving me scrap mojo!!!

deb said...

What beautiful pages! I really like how you used the blocks.