Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Country Sunshine

My mother often goes to a farm on Sundays. A very nice woman (who is also a client of my work, I do her administration) has a shop in that farm that is open only on Sundays. She sells brocante and antique stuff that she finds on flea markets in France and Belgium. My mother had bought some things in the last couple of months and I was curious about the shop. So a couple of weeks ago my parents to me there. I can tell a long story about the amazing stuff in the shop, but to be short: it's my favorite shop now! And I just had to scrap a page about this shop.
Country Sunshine is the perfect kit, because there are some elements in it which are sold in the farm and has a bit of the same mood.

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Susan Darter said...

I love this...great photo choice.