Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stoppin' in for a quick post!

Hiya folks!

How's everyone doing? I'm doing ok. Things have been a bit hectic in my house since we got a new dog. We adopted her after finding out she had been returned to the shelter and was scheduled for "elimination". She's the sweetest thing, but boy is she headstrong! Has no intention of bending to our will at all, so things have been a bit tense in our house as we try to adjust.

I've been missing my scrapping, it really is therapy in some ways, and I sure have needed it :) I'm trying to get some holiday pages done, so look out for lots of quite pages as I finally get down to last year's scrapping lol. In that vein, here is a Top News of the Year wrap up I just finished using:


and I made this:

I was pretty excited to get this and a few others done. Loved getting to work on a non travel layout with these gorgeous kits- so many more stuck in my head. What do you think?

You can purchase those awesome kits HERE and HERE (just showing the elements here, search the store for more parts!)

Have a great Friday!

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