Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Madness, Mugs, and a Microkit

Hi all, I'm Lezro and I'm a new member of the Raspberry Road CT. As those of you with males in the house know, this is the time for March Madness, the NCAA Basketball tournament. Along with the NCAA, lots of local basketball leagues are having their tournaments also. I wanted to do some scrapping for my niece, Ms. G, who is a very talented point guard in the 8th grade. She plays on several girl's teams as well as the boys league, and even made the All-Star team for the boy's league!
Here is my layout for Ms. G:
(The butterfly and the tag are from Raspberry Road's versatile kit "Botanical Bliss", which you might not think would fit in so well for a Sports page!)

You may notice this is a weird looking layout. Well, first, it is set up for an 11"x8.5" piece of paper, the normal size for printing. Why are all the pics and embellishments stuck inside that odd curvy rectangle? Because this is a layout to make a travel mug! The curvy rectangle is the correctly sized blank for my mug, if the entire layout is printed at 11"x8.5" (in landscape).
Here are 2 views of the finished mug:
Now Ms. G (or her mom) can have their morning drink and remember the tournament too!

So what is the surprise? I couldn't find the basketball and net that I wanted, and particularly not the background. So I made my own, and you lucky Raspberry Roadies get to share! If you want to make a basketball layout for your own March Madness, here is a micro-kit for you! It consists of an 11"x8.5" blank wooden floor, a similar floor in the usual 12"x12"size, the basketball and the net, a basketball court overlay, and the outline that works for my mugs.

I'll talk more about making mug inserts next time, but the short form instructions are that you print out your 11"x8.5" layout, landscape, and take out the insert that comes with your mug. Lay it on top of your layout, trace around it, cut it out, and insert into your mug! Put the mug back together as per your mug's instructions. I have used 3 different brands of mugs, and each one is a little different. The outline I am including in the kit is to help you have some idea of how to arrange your layout, but it may not be exactly the right size for your mug. You could first just print the mug blank out on a blank sheet to compare it to your mug's insert, so you know where you can be bigger or smaller. When you do your layout, keep the mug outline on top, then delete it before you do the printout. It takes a little messing around to get it right. Just be sure to print it out at 100%, or using the full 11"x8.5".

Google "travel photo insert mug" if you want to find the blank mugs on the internet. Have Fun!


AP7 Creations said...

Hey there Lezro, got your email, and to be honest, I have no idea how I made my pictures do that. I build my blog posts in the visual (non html) tab so I can see what it'll look like. Sorry I don't have any other tips than that!

AP7 Creations said...

Actually, on blogger, the tab is "compose" instead of visual. look on the left side of the screen when you're editing the post and there are two buttons "compose" and "html". I rarely do anything in the html screen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!